Are you aware of the new features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016?

With the exciting release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 last month, let us break down some of the new features you can expect:

  • Support Named User Pricing for the self-service user type
  • Workflow Reassignment Notifications: Email notifications can be sent to the new approver for delegation, escalation, and alternate approval.
  • Workflow Condition Management Enhancement: Two new options for what happens when step conditions are not met: continue to next step, reject. This adds more flexibility
  • Word templates for Batch Approval workflow emails: Workflow batch approvals now have a default word template for the edit list for: general ledger batches, payables batches, receivables batches. This can be emailed to approver for complete information before approving.
  • Smartlists from Favorite: you can create a new Smartlist from a favorite using Designer. User doesn’t have to remove all extra columns from the default Smartlist.
  • Import/Export Smartlists from Designer: user will be able to export and import Smartlist definitions created with Smartlist designer form one install to another
  • AA user access settings: option to automatically give users access to all AA transaction dimension codes, rather than defining access individually for all users to all codes.
  • Budget Import Exception Report: when importing a budget form Excel, an exception report will print displaying accounts that aren’t setup in Dynamics GP.
  • Prepayment on Purchase Order Total Amount: Prepayment amount on purchase orders can now include Taxes, Freight and Miscellaneous. Entire PO amount can be included in the prepayment.
  • Inactive Pay codes Lookup Option: Option to exclude inactive pay codes form the pay codes lookup. Works for Employee Pay Codes Lookup and the Pay Codes lookup window.
  • Export Numbers to Excel Formatted as Numbers: numbers exported from excel will be formatted as a number, not text
  • Payables Credit Card Payment: Option for a computer check batch to be paid by credit card. The credit card payment will create an invoice for the credit card vendor. A remittance form will print to show the invoices paid.
  • HTML Webclient: Support for Multi-Browser (IE, Chrome, Safari, Edge). Support for Multi-Device (Windows, iPad, Android), New Controls created for HTML client, UI changes, Window Search, Office “banner”
  • Web Client Search: Ability to search for a window or report within the GP web client. Shows a list of all open windows and reports based on search criteria. Shows a list of all windows and reports and navigation based on search criteria. Ability to close all open windows at once.
  • Sales All-in-One document view: View all related sales documents for a single transaction in one window. Accessible from Customer Maintenance, many sales inquiry windows, navigation lists, and the home page.

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