How to Avoid a Cyber Attack?

Avoid Cyber Attack

Here are five fundamental steps your company can take to curb it chances of falling victim to a ransomware attack.

  1. Adopt prevention programs. Prevention training and awareness programs can help employees recognize telltale signs of phishing scams and how to handle them.  Guide employees on how to recognize and avoid fraudulent e-mails.  Keep testing internally to prove the training is working.


  1. Strengthen email controls. Make sure the organization has strong spam filters and authentication.  Scan incoming and outgoing e-mails to detect threats and filter executable files.  Consider a cloud-based e-mail analytics solution.


  1. Improve your CMDB. Companies need to be very diligent about building a Complete Configuration Management Database.  It may be surprising, but most companies do not know all the IT systems in their environment across all subsidiaries and business lines.  If you don’t know what you have, how can you protect it?


  1. Insulate your infrastructure. There are a host of solutions, from removing or limiting local workstation administration rights to seeking out the right configuration combinations (including virus scanners, firewalls, and so on).  Regular patches of operating systems and applications can foil known vulnerabilities.


  1. Plan for continuity. Having a strong business continuity plan for recovery – one that’s regularly reviewed, updated, and tested – makes it easier to avoid paying ransom.  Recovery objectives must be aligned to the critical tasks within an acceptable time-frame.  Workstations and file server shouldn’t be constantly connected to backup devices.  Further, the backup solution should store periodic snapshots rather than regular overwrites of previous backups, so that in the event of a successful attack, backups will not be encrypted.


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