How Can ReQlogic be Customized for Your Business?

Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL has become one piece of a total business solution that helps organizations focus less on their infrastructure and more on their strategic needs. ReQlogic is a web-based tool that allows greater visibility to status of requests, ease of use, and elimination of paper. Pairing Dynamics GP or SL with ReQlogic helps organize your data, reports, and more, giving you the ability to see the big picture, with one-click access to the details.


ReQlogic was designed with flexibility in mind, allowing users to configure the solution in ways that make the most sense for their processes. Customizations can be managed in a variety of ways – some involve simple changes that can be made by users themselves; others may require some assistance from Accountnet along with ReQlogic’s development team.

Below is a quick snapshot showing how Reqlogic can be customized to fit specific requirements:

  1. Setting general configurations and customizations

There are four areas within ReQlogic that allow users to change configurations and customize the product themselves. Under the Customization menu users can modify the following:

  • Text Administration: change screen labels and system messages
  • Email Messages: redesign emails sent through ReQlogic
  • View Definitions: add, delete, or reorder columns in lookup windows
  • Data Field Customizations: hide, display, rename, or specify required fields (most ReQlogic tables have up to 14 user-defined fields available for customization)
  1. Changing reports

Reports are a popular area for customizations. Accountnet in conjunction with ReQlogic’s development team assists with custom reporting, which may be as simple as adding a logo to a Purchase Order or more complex like adding an entirely new report with a launch screen from the reports menu.

  1. Adding custom SQL-stored procedures

The ReQlogic Software Development Kit (SDK) can be used by trained users or partners to add custom SQL-stored procedures to the hooks designed in ReQlogic. Custom SQL code can be used for:

  • Saving document headers or lines
  • Defaulting new lines
  • Copying documents
  • Submitting documents for approval
  • Creating new documents in Dynamics GP or SL
  1. Designing workflows

Often data entered in user fields creates a need for new workflow routing based on those fields. Our developers can create custom Data Tables to be used as a part of ReQlogic workflow routing based on any data field in ReQlogic or Microsoft Dynamics.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Accountnet helps companies get up and running with Microsoft Dynamics. We don’t just install and configure the software – we train your accounting staff to use it to create the reports they need, so they can analyze data as needed. In partnering with ReQlogic, Accountnet provides customizable features that integrate with Dynamics SL or GP. If you want to know more about ReQlogic’s pricing and functionality, discuss your business needs, or learn more about Microsoft Dynamics in general, you can Contact us at Accountnet and speak to our consultants.