Microsoft Dynamics Hosting and Microsoft Dynamics SaaS | How Can You Prevent a Cyber-Attack?


If you work hard to prevent cyber security breaches and reduce the risk of data loss, you may feel there is no need to maintain a managed backup. Surely you are warding off the threat of any cyber attack already? Not necessarily. You must be prepared in case those defenses are breached and data is put at risk. Sometimes shutting down the server can be the only way to prevent catastrophic loss – how would your business cope in a sudden switch-off?

Many companies are seriously underprepared when it comes to managing a data loss catastrophe and avoiding data loss. By adhering to data loss prevention best practices and having a managed backup and replication plan in place, your business can mitigate the damaging effects of a cyber security breach.

Managed backup services such as the Block Level Infinite Incremental Backup from FlexIT provide a replication of your server. Your data is mirrored constantly and stored securely, so in the event of an IT catastrophe you can recover information in seconds. With the ability to replicate to any system or device, this managed solution is the final defense that cements your data loss prevention best practices and supports your ongoing cyber security strategy.

Backing up your data will allow you to prevent downtime and lost productivity in the event of a security breach or IT failure. It also creates an additional line of defense against cyber-attacks. Managed replication and managed backups are there to support you should the worst occur.

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