Microsoft Dynamics SL Reporting Customizations

Dynamics SLMicrosoft Dynamics SL helps you gain deeper business and risk insight from internal and external data. A more comprehensive approach improves the accuracy and integrity of insight that you can gain with actuarial, financial, and operational risk. Microsoft Dynamics SL delivers breakthrough insight into business performance and profitability, improve combined and loss ratios, and provide an integrated view of enterprise-wide risk exposure.

Every report that exists within Dynamics SL is fully modifiable by the end user. Dynamics SL has provided convenient ways to change a filter and sort a report at run time without modifying the underlying Crystal Report format. Sometimes it is necessary to modify the standard report to make changes in the look and feel of the report or to make significant changes in the data used in the report. This sounds like another one of those scary customizations, but it usually is quite simple, and the modified reports tend to upgrade from version to version very simply.

Dynamics SL facilitates customized reports by having a special folder on the server for holding customized versions of reports. When the report is chosen from the menu, Dynamics SL first checks this special user reports folder (“usr_rpts”) for a customized version of the report. If no customized version is found, then the standard version of the report is run. Taking the time to make a report work and look the way you want can save time — and paper — in the long run.

Additionally, starting with version 7, Dynamics SL allows for the creation of role-tailored menus. The menu system is also security driven so a user never sees menu items for applications or reports that they do not have permission to access. Older versions of Dynamics SL would have large complex menus for the typical user, which had the tendency to confuse new users.

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