Financial Services Webinar! | May 17, 2018

From basic reporting to sophisticated analyses, Microsoft Dynamics GP gives people across your organization fast, relevant access to information using familiar Microsoft tools. Rapid, flexible deployment options, a familiar user experience designed to maximize personal productivity, and the ability to quickly bring together people and systems help you run your business efficiently and drive business success.

You are outgrowing Quickbooks if you are experiencing the following issues:
•Unacceptable delays in menus, reports, or navigation
•Sacrificing transaction history or master records to improve performance
•Single-user mode decreases productivity
•More users need to access the system than are allowed
•Lack of security and compliance features
•Lack Multi-Currency needs

Join us for a Microsoft Dynamics GP Demonstration with Financial Reporting, Consolidations, and Multi-Currency applications!

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Microsoft Dynamics products can help businesses be more productive and their investments in existing systems last longer. At the Accountnet Cloud, you’ll find information including featured content, blog posts, product fact sheets, executive biographies, event images, product demos and screenshots. We begin this initial process with an extended relationship analysis (ERA) review.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Get up and running quickly- More than just small-to-midsize business accounting software, Dynamics GP is an accounting solution that makes it easy to start with only what you need now, and then adapt as your needs change. It’s flexible, configurable, and designed to grow with you.

Dynamics GP 2018 includes: Financial management and accounting

  • Manage your cash, assets, budgets, and E-banking—with account-level security.
  • Track and manage your expenses, purchase orders, requisitions, and vendor invoicing.
  • Financial reporting
  • Get real-time visibility and analytics to track performance and act with insight.
  • Keep up to date with Microsoft technology, with the help of Analytics in Power BI and other evaluation tools.

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Now, more than ever, IT budgets are under close scrutiny.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP, however, you are not just giving your organization powerful analysis tools, you are also giving your IT team the flexible and familiar platform it needs to take charge of their budget and empower your people.

Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you reduce IT costs and facilitate user productivity:


  • Comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality meets your specific business needs without adding cost and time to the implementation process.
  • Rapid implementation tools reduce time and expense getting you up and running quickly.
  • Leverage your existing IT assets, such as Microsoft SQL Server and the Microsoft Office suite.  And with Microsoft Office 365, you can bring advanced search, business intelligence, and workflow capabilities to Microsoft Dynamics GP – and your organization.
  • Personalization tools help you to extend the system without expensive customizations to give users an experience tailored to their unique needs.  Gain tighter controls with a streamlined Analytical Tools with Power BI.
  • Customize efficiently and cost effectively without development or programming knowledge to tailor information views and automate routine tasks.
  • Integrate with non-Microsoft applications using Microsoft Dynamics GP connectivity tools and easily connect with external data sources using Web Services.
  • Choose a deployment model that works for you.  Whether it’s on premise or hosted, Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers a solution that you can count on now and into the future.


By delivering a cohesive solution that helps lower implementation and long-term ownership costs, Microsoft Dynamics GP frees you to harness the power and flexibility of an award-winning business management solution. In addition, many current QuickBooks customers — who may be frustrated with the software’s older architecture but have put up with it because they did not feel the need to change their accounting codes— will now be forced to change in the next few years. This is due to changes in technology, the cloud; evolving business needs, since controllers and CFOs deserve the right software and its capabilities today.


Learn how other organizations have used Microsoft Dynamics GP to lower IT costs.  Contact Accountnet, Inc., 212.Dynamics.  To discuss how Microsoft Dynamics can help your organization beyond tomorrow.

Microsoft has a complete vision for business applications, like Dynamics 2018 -newly released- and it goes beyond what a simple stand-alone accounting solution can do. It starts with a unique combination of business intelligence, collaboration, and financial tools embedded across your core business processes. The result—empowered people who make decisions that help increase your margins, improve your cash flow, and ultimately drive your business growth.

New workflows for new accounts, receivings transactions and purchasing invoices

New workflows have been added to control the addition of general ledger accounts, purchase receivings transactions and purchasing invoices. The workflow for general ledger accounts can be initiated from any area of the system for any new accounts, or for any accounts that are in a workflow state, for example when an account has been edited, but not yet approved. Read more…

We hear about more and more firms that try to automate or migrate old reports to the new Financial Report Writer. “Better enablement with visibility” is the number one need identified by business people when it comes to how they get and use information. Visibility means getting the right information into the hands of the right people at the right time. The right information is relevant and accurate. The right people are those who know what to do next. The right time is whenever they need it. That’s the process of enablement.

Workflow automation helps you streamline key tasks and boost operational efficiencies while freeing your people to pursue their core competencies. Intuitive customization and seamless integration with your existing IT infrastructure help reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and can extend the value of your IT investments. Read more…

Protect what you can. It’s crucial for executives to realize that hackers’ perpetual inventiveness shouldn’t discourage companies from addressing the risk, even if they can’t eradicate it. The risk management function, like cyber-attackers, must continually evolve – not only to shield the company from cyberthreats, but also to minimize the potential impact of any such events that do occur. Says one executive who responded to the survey, “Risk elimination is not our goal. Risk reduction is our goal.”

It’s easy to understand why so many senior executives share the same unease. Given the stakes, companies can’t afford to be complacent. Beyond compromising sensitive date about customers or suppliers, cyber-breaches can critically impair relationships with any and all business partners, including investors.
Cyber-attackers have successfully breached brand-name retailers, high-profile financial organizations, and others, including Equifax. In the aftermath of such breaches, the damage can spread in many directions, not only contaminating a company’s reputation but also poisoning its bond with customers by exposing them to identity theft and subsequent financial losses. Read more…