Financial Services

Our 20 years of experience working in the financial services industry have provided us with the skills necessary to address financial services companies’ special needs regarding importing and exporting data from outside software. In addition, we have expertise reporting on user-defined elements such as deals, projects, departments, partners, and locations. Accountnet directly supports the metro New York area for Microsoft Dynamics and its clientele worldwide. Multiple offices around the world on a daily basis can be accessed via a terminal server or Citrix, if desired.

Innumerable companies — credit and related services; investment-related services; oversight services, including accounting, regulation, and data oversight; stock exchanges; and associated marketing services — provide products and services to facilitate the flow of money. Such companies can now transition from QuickBooks to Microsoft, which boasts new currency functionalities that render manual reporting in Excel a thing of the past. Multiuser interfaces and scalability for growth are part of a low total cost of ownership. More and more companies are choosing Microsoft Dynamics to fulfill their business management needs. Accountnet provides a host of services through Dynamics, including document imaging, accounts payable workflow, and procurement-to-purchase-order flow. We also have experience with Oracle and JDE migrations. We gladly and expertly work with users who have downsized, have upsized, or are using a customized solution that is unique in today’s marketplace.

The financial services sector has a powerful role in supporting the shift to a global economy through its influence on capital across global markets. Companies have begun to demonstrate their commitment by expanding investments, adopting policies to address compliance and social risks, and engaging in more proactive and robust stakeholder engagement and disclosure. Through it all, risk management remains a top priority for stakeholders.

A noteworthy development has been a growing willingness by financial services companies to work together to develop standards intended to bolster the credibility of the accounting products being launched. For companies to excel and reach scale in the financial sector, independent capacity building and improved internal controls are essential. It is encouraging, therefore, that many companies in this sector have programs to engage employees on currency tracking, including through employee surveys, town halls, and training on accurate data and auditable reports by their CPAs.