Scribe and Microsoft Dynamics CRM – The Undisputed Customer Hub

Combining Scribe and Microsoft Dynamics is the ideal CRM For Financial Services Firms. CRM Systems have emerged as the undisputed hub for customer information.  Indispensable to customer-centric business and integral to everyday activities in marketing and sales, yet CRM systems often stand alone, unconnected to other business critical applications in marketing, sales, finance and support.  In fact, only 15% of businesses report full integration among their various customer-facing systems, including sales force automation, marketing automation, business intelligence and mobile.

CRM For Financial Services Firms

At a time when customers have instant access to a wealth of information about products and services as well as high expectations for their interactions with companies, business must find smarter ways to connect these islands and manage critical business data.  Properly executed, integration is a key component of any successful customer-centric business – it’s an asset.

Scribe, has over 15 years of integrating CRM and other solutions with customer facing and back office systems.  Scribe integrates data “in the cloud” with data on premise to create complete views of customer.  We can help eliminate data silos ensuring integrated data that you can rely on to make decisions.